About Us

"The American, by nature, is optimistic. He is experimental, an inventor and a builder who builds best when called upon to build greatly." —John F. Kennedy

We are

Every partner in our team has been responsible for a business, most of us have been founders ourselves. We've had the "how will I make payroll?" gasp. We've lost the key account. We've had to make tough decisions in polarizing circumstances. To win a critical client, we've had to make promises we weren't sure we had the resources to deliver upon—but we've also known we would deliver come hell or high water. We get it, we know it, we've felt it, we've lived it.

Now we are of means and we want to help you deliver on your promises, and build great companies. We're not entirely altruistic, but we want our founders and their companies to do good, not just do well. Most VC's think ethics and cultural inclusion have no place in startups, but we think how you get there is as important as getting there.

We are not

• We are not angel investors. That is to say that we don't invest just because we like you. That said, we have been the first money in when we identify with a founder or a concept.
• We are not fortune tellers with a consumer lens. We don't predict consumer preferences; we understand business infrastructure.
• We don't invest in businesses driven by advertising revenue. We believe there's a slippery slope that leads down the road of knowing more about your customers than they want you to know—we get it, advertisers like that, but we don't.
• We don't invest in founders looking to punch out after two years. We're looking for founders who want help building something that will exist for decades, and see themselves in it for as long as they're at the top of their game.
• We don't love technology or believe every life experience should involve technology. We like founders who want to solve problems, not create new ones.

We believe

For us, opportunity is a founder and a business—never "a deal."

Our founders believe in solving problems as much as they believe in making money. Businesses have to make money, but not all of them have to skyrocket into profitability overnight. More important to us is finding founders that have figured out how to create a sustainable competitive advantage. If you can do that, we'll work with you figure out how to exist within an established economic ecosystem, or how to successfully disrupt it.

Collis P. Huntington may have said it best when he said "We shall build good ships here; at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always good ships."

Let's meet

If you're a founder who believes staunchly in what you've got going on, and you think we'll like it too, set up a meeting with us in Washington, DC or Virginia Beach, VA. Be sure to check our investing page first to ensure your business is squarely in one of our investment focus areas.

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