Investment Focus


Communications cover a variety of areas for us ranging from sensors and software defined radio systems to helpful collaboration software and platforms that allow teams to be more productive across time zones and cultural boundaries. We're concerned mainly with network infrastructure, but to us that includes humans.


What happened to cash? When did getting a better experience or setting my preferences become giving up my freedom and opting-out of control over the dissemination of my information? Why are so many privacy technologies sharing more information than is necessary to do the job? We're looking for the cure.


So many sensors, so much data, so little knowledge. Information growth has outpaced Moore's law. Databases are better at sparse storage, but most "data scientists" are glorified CSV-importers. The search for meaning will usher in a new era of cognitive software and systems that help inform better decisions.

Investment Process

In real estate, everyone knows it's "location, location, location." It's fair to say with us, it's "people, people, people." Do you know how to get things done?
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