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This is the group of people that gives founders an unfair advantage in the industry.
Venture Partner

Rodney is a serial entrepreneur and business soothsayer. He's had numerous $50M+ exits, but more importantly he's built real companies creating tangible infrastructure (not web sites) and he's delivered value to the world in addition to return for his shareholders. His first Internet startup was in 1995 when he built the first Internet data center company.

Managing Partner

Sasha is a co-founder of the company and organizes everything, especially our entrepreneurs. When she takes a coffee-break from crunching numbers and acting as the interim CFO of a dozen companies, she makes sure our staff keep things together, so they can help entrepreneurs focus on the big picture.

Managing Partner

Victor is like a 'fixer' for start-up companies. When obstacles present themselves, he finds ways around (or through) them. He also takes on investment management responsibilities and provides strategic consulting to our portfolio companies. Victor believes that founders should focus on doing good, then they'll do well.

Venture Partner

Stephen provides our 'big-company' perspective, having transitioned several growth-stage companies into big business themselves. He's been at the helm of giant businesses and knows how to make strategic deals materialize. He's also the conservative member of our crew, which means he's the toughest to convince.

Venture Associate

Claire fills many gaps inside our portfolio companies. She also knows exactly what to look for in founders and knows what they need to take things to the next level. Her background is in public relations, but she's a world traveler and can spot opportunity in markets you didn't consider.

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Great businesses are built by great founders, not great bankers. You bring the ideas and the energy and we're here to help you with the rest.

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